CBD skincare: what is it and where to get it

You may have heard of CBD skincare – the next big thing in beauty. It has been said it could do wonderous things for the skin and researches about it are still happening. CBD is popular as an actual oil for its relaxing purposes and is a great addition to your skincare. The hemp extracts […]

Discover the many benefits of buying a best value smartwatch

A smartwatch has been an incredibly popular accessory for years. Compared to a regular watch, this digital version has one important advantage: next to informing you about what time it is, it allows you to enjoy all kinds of other useful functionalities. You wear it around your wrist, just like you would do with a […]

What about baltic amber?

Baltic amber is a mysterious fossilized tree resin and it comes in all shapes and colours like yellow, orange, dark brown and an even more rare variant: Green amber but the most common colour will be the orange-yellow variant. Besides the beautiful deep colours, Baltic amber also has unique healing abilities. Baltic amber contains an acid […]

The main centres for diamond trading in the world

The main centres for diamond trading are London, where De Beers is located, and Antwerp. 80% of all rough diamonds and 50% of all polished diamonds pass through Antwerp. There are four diamond fairs in Antwerp, the oldest dating from 1886. In 2011, diamonds with a total value of 44.6 billion euros were traded in […]

Oogschaduw die het beste bij je past

Iedereen heeft verschillende kleuren ogen. Dit gaat ook gepaard met de oogschaduw die hier het beste bij past. Het is namelijk niet zo dat iedereen elke kleur oogschaduw even goed kan hebben. Net als dat niet iedereen een zalm-roze blousje op de juiste manier kan dragen. Daarom zijn er een aantal dingen waar je rekening […]