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Escape reality with these custom paintings

Ellen De Vylder is a freelance artist who resides in Belgium. She is a contemporary artists with a main focus of abstract art. This art form allows her to escape reality and she wishes to do the same for her customers. Her inspiration comes from her day-to-day life and her daily experiences. She lets personal feelings guide her in her artful work. Naturally her website features a shop with available works that are waiting for their rightful owners. However she adores making custom paintings for abstract art lovers. So are you looking for a professional yet ambitious artist? Ellen De Vylder is the creator for you! Allow her to create the custom paintings of your dreams

Add abstract artwork to your home

For custom paintings, Ellen takes care to listen to her customer’s wishes. Are there certain colours you would like her to use? Or are you looking for a particular size? This artist will work tirelessly to create whatever your vision may be. Since she is inspired by her daily emotions, Ellen empowers everyone to do the same. Are you up to the challenge? Perhaps there is a certain feeling you wish to immortalize on canvas and display it in your home. Tell Ellen all about it, for example by explaining the emotion in question and the colours it might remind you of. If you are looking for something very particular maybe something that fits your home’s aesthetic, you will also be able to contact Ellen. In short: convey your vision to her and she will ask additional questions if necessary. Ultimately, she will create a unique piece like none other.

Peruse her previous work

Ellen is active on most social media channels. However you can find her past work mostly on Instagram or Pinterest. Here she uploads her work quite regularly. It offers you possible inspiration and you will be able to estimate if her work fits your expectations. Contact her through email for all custom paintings!