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Interior textiles make a difference for you and the planet

Have you heard about Love Home Fabrics and their interior textiles yet? We’re happy to give you more information about this sustainable company. During manufacturing textiles for your interior, all of the waste is sorted and recycled into several categories to reduce harmful waste to the minimum. The waste of their own yarn extrusion plant is transformed into upcycled materials for the sustainable carpet sector and other facilities. All of their interior textiles are produced locally, to shorten the production chain as efficient as possible. By buying interior textiles you don’t only change the look and feel of your interior or business… You make a difference for our planet too!

What they have to offer in durable fabrics

As well as the production process, the interior textiles are as equally important. Whatever your personal taste, they have the right interior textiles and structures available for every type of client. Have a look at their organic collections below:

  • C2C (Clarysse): made from recycled material and are completely recyclable themselves
  • L.E.A.F. (Pieters Textiel): short for Love Environment and Fabrics
  • Mayan Green (Artilat): latex toppers and cores which are completely recyclable
  • Phoenix (Monks): upcycled, recyclable mattress fabrics that can be recycled up to ten times
  • Towel2 (Clarysse): consists of recycled textile, such as denim
  • Vivalife (Ter Molst): 100% locally produced from the yarns of their own extrusion plant

It’s clear that investing in interior textiles is really worth the effort. Visit the website of Love Home Fabrics to get an idea of their different styles, products and vision.

Phone them to get started

The professionals of Love Home Fabrics can help you finding the right interior textiles for your home. Do you need more information about their eco-friendly approach? Or are you curious about their shipping methods? Don’t hesitate to contact them. You can find the correct contact information easily on the website.