The different types of underfloor heating

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With the ongoing development of underfloor heating technology there is almost no situation where underfloor heating could not be applied for technical reasons. Underfloor heating can be applied as a main heating, extensive extra heating or extra heating. 

Main heating

As a main heating all the heating is done by the underfloor heating, so radiators become therefore obsolete.
Undrefloor heating as the main heating system is the most ideal way of heating the house. Because the underfloor heating Scotland pipes have a centre-to-centre distance of approximately 10 cm from each other, they will offer the most comfort. It can be fitted in normal to well insulated houses and can therefore excellently be applied as main heating system, so without radiators. In older homes, with bad isolation, you may need to condence underfloor heating and make the distances between the pipes smaller than the default maximum of 10 m2 in order to achieve a higher heat capacity. 
By reducing the distance between the tubes, the warming up process is quicker and is the required water temperature can be set lower as well as the average temperature of the floor. As a result, improving the room temperature. A fast heat-up with comfortable living pleasure comes when using a in between tube distance of 10 cm. This distance is therefore highly recommended for in the living room, kitchen, children’s room, study room and bathroom.

Extensive extra heating

Also called ‘ luxury extra heating ‘. The heat output is pleasant, but not sufficient to completely do without radiators. There will therefore always be a few radiators needed.
Extensive extra heating can be thought of as a ‘ luxury extra heating ‘. The construction of the tubes is made at a center to center distance averaging 15 cm which is not enough to serve as the sole heating source in house, but gives off more heat than extra heating. Also with this variant radiators  to linger, albeit less than in extra heating. Incognito Underfloor heating Glasgow has the view that extensive extra heating is suitable for areas in which you are constantly present, but not what you would like to be able to pleasantly warming. This includes for example a bedroom or laundry room.
When you think about it, for example, to put it in your living room or Office, we advise you to here once again to think about it. The step to main heating is so small that in our eyes you better for the most optimal system can choose. This way you can enjoy all the benefits that entails main heating for a small cost compared to extensive extra heating.

Auxiliary heater

This is a system that allows just the coldness of the stone floor. Usually is it used in garages and the like. Because of the relatively large distance between the tubes is the ability of the heating completely insufficient for heating the space. So there will be an additional heating, in the form of radiators or otherwise.
When underfloor heating and additional heating is applied, then the hoses have centre-to-centre distance of an average of 20 cm. This is not enough to heat a space to other heating sources in space should continue. In fact it is only applied to take care of the cold of the floor and as a result, mainly used for garages, etc.

When applying underfloor heating you can choose between two systems: heating by means of water or heating through electricity.

Heating by means of water

Most systems that are fitted by Incognito underfloor heating Edinburgh are water filled systems. In this system the floor has plastic pipes with hot water flowing through. The hoses are connected to a so-called manifold or distribution unit. This unit acts as conyrol unit between the floor heating and the central heating system. On the unit is a pump that provides circulation of the water in the underfloor heating system. There’s a thermostat that prevents water with a too high a temperature in the system (and therefore in the floor). This unit mixes (depending on the position of the thermostatic taps) hot water with colder return water (from the underfloor heating system) so that both the floor as the floor heating remains on temperature.

Heating by means of electricity

Here the heat is taken care of by applying elektric wires just below the floor tiles. As far as we are concerned, this system is only attractive when a fast heating time is required in combination with a not-too-prolonged period of heating (for example only one hour per day in a bathroom). In the scope of this article we don’t go into much detail here. When you have any questions please feel welcome to ask us using the link below.