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Upgrade your petrol station with excellent lighting

Do you own a petrol station, or stations? Customers arrive at any time of the day, from the early hours of the morning until deep in the evening. Almost all stations offer petrol twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Since a lot of your costumers will visit your petrol station when the sun has gone down, good lighting is incredibly important. Your petrol station needs to be pleasant to use and make people feel safe. Nobody wants to get their petrol covered in shadows. Bever Innovations from Zierikzee, the Netherlands, offers great lighting solutions for your petrol station.

Shine a light on your petrol station

Whether you are looking for LED under canopy lighting or crystal clear LED price displays for your petrol station, Bever Innovations from Zierikzee, the Netherlands, does it all. With over twenty-five years of experience they have brough lighting solutions to the petrol stations of major companies such as Shell, BP, Q8 and Total. You might have already seen the work of this expert company, as they are represented in more than one-hundred countries, from Asian countries like China to the Baltic States in Europe.

LED price displays

Besides petrol station lighting, this company is your partner for LED price displays. With great flexibily in their design, these LED price displays will be adapted to your corporate identity. Whether you are looking for a specific font type or colors that match those of your brand, these experts in LED lighting will make the combination work. Besides looking great, the LED price displays are highly reliable. With the excellent techniques used by this company and great protective equipment, the LED displays can handle the most extreme conditions. Moisture nor temperature are a problem for these displays. Their software will make them automatically adjust to the amount of ambient light, making sure the readability is optimal no matter the weather conditions or time of day.