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3 Ways Technology Saved Traffic Management

Technology has become incredibly advanced since we first got it. From riding on horses to driving electric cars, from writing letters that would take weeks to arrive to simply writing a text that arrives in seconds, it’s very easy to see that our technology has reached places we never thought possible back then. The reason why technology has come this for, its purpose, is to make our lives easier and more convenient. And this goes for all areas in our lives, including traffic management. We may not think of traffic management that often in our daily lives, but with the growth of technology, it’s been getting much easier to manage. 

Technology isn’t the only thing that’s been growing for a while, so has the population of the earth, and that means more vehicles and more traffic. Here are 3 ways technology saved traffic management from being impossible to handle.


Long range radio frequency identification 

Long range radio frequency identification or RFID is a system that uses electromagnetic waves to track and identify any object. This system is used mainly for access control of vehicles in restricted areas or private properties. There are three components making up the whole of the long range RFID: The RFID reader, the RFID antenna, and the RFID tag. The RFID tag gets attached to the vehicle that has permission to enter and exit the restricted or private premises, and the antenna and reader (which go together) will be attached to the entrance and/or exits of the premises. Each time the vehicles come near it they will automatically get access, or they will be denied.

Parking sensors 2.0

The parking sensor technology we’ve grown used to has been improved quite a bit. The new and improved parking sensors are able to automatically detect any vehicle in parking lots. The parking sensors 2.0 will collect all the information it detects and saves it so that the data can be used to enforce the parking lot’s rules. This new version of parking sensors can change the way people park all around the world. The data of the parking lot can be shown to people wanting to park their vehicles, so they know which space is free and which is not. 


Automatic number plate recognition

This system uses cameras to scan the number plates of vehicles automatically. The automatic number plate recognition technology or ANPR is used quite often by law enforcement. It helps them do quite a lot of their job in a more efficient way. Finding missing or stolen vehicles would be much harder without ANPR.


Want to know more?

The world of traffic management is a fascinating and very important one. To learn more about some of the systems we’ve listed above, check out nedapidentification.com.