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A top-notch sheet fed die cutter

If you are looking for the very best A3 die cutting machine, or any other type of sheet fed die cutter, you have arrived at the experts in this technology. Gyromag was founded almost three decades ago, when they were initially a supporting service to rotary offset presses. Twenty years ago they broadened their horizons when they started manufacturing die cutting unites for rotary presses. Sinse then they have achieved a die cutting production speed of 250 m/min. This impressive number includes inline was removal.

Excellent materials

A sheet fed die cutter by this company is always made with the very best materials and leading-edge technology. Since the difference between a good and a bad cut is just a few microns, you should require only the best when it comes to your machines. The special constructions made by these engineers are excellent for your business. Whether you wish to use the sheet cutters to kiss, cut or emboss, you will not be disappointed. The A3 die cutting machine, for example, is a great machine to have. With Gyromag’s signature quality and ease of use, your business will greatly benefit from this equipment. You will experience minimal sheet waste, fast times for setting your tasks up and, best of all, it does not require skilled operators. This makes the machines easy to integrate in your company. It will not take long for many people in your staff to operate our A3 die cutting machine.

Your machines, anywhere in the world

The excellent of equipment by this company can be yours. All you need to do is order your sheet fed die cutter and worldwide shipping guarantees that the machine will come to your business. Does your company require a specific type of die cutting machine that is not standard, like A3? Ask about the custom-made solutions. The excellent engineers of Gyromag will try their very best to make sure your machine fits your requirements.