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An easy and complete car import from the USA

Have you seen your favourite car in a foreign country such as the USA? And are you looking for a professional partner that can arrange a successful import process from this country? Then you need the help of Marlog Car Handling to get your unique car. When you want to import a car form the USA, it is important that the entire process runs smoothly without unexpected circumstances. Or maybe you have arranged some documents by yourself, but you need someone who can complete the import process by arranging the transportation. The specialists of Marlog Car Handling have the right knowledge to do this and always take your preferences into account.

Always up-to-date about import legislations throughout the world

Marlog Car Handling has built a lot of experience in the car trading field since 2000. At this company, they know that import legislations are continuously changing. Therefore, they keep themselves up-to-date to prevent difficult circumstances and delay of the car import. Its specialists do not only know the legislations regarding car import from the USA, but also from for example Japan and lots of other countries in Asia. Here you have the possibility to outsource the complete car import or parts of the import process. Of course they are happy to give you appropriate information and advice to reach the most successful car import from the USA.

Benefit from their extensive car trading network

Marlog Car Handling has grown to become one of the largest importers in all of Europe. This company has built an extensive network throughout the world. Their specialists have created many fruitful partnerships together with foreign companies in the car trading field. In this network all the parties work together to find the most cost-effective solution for every customer. Security and safety are also core values of Marlog Car Handling. Think of subsequent transport, high-quality pick-up and shipping services and accurate documentation. Get in touch or ask for advice when you are interested in importing a car from the USA.