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Choose recyclable aluminium for your internal doors

More and more people make the choice to apply durable materials in their interior, for example aluminium. This is a light-weight, fully recyclable material that has gained a lot of popularity in interior designs over the last years. Its steel appearance gives industrial interiors a little bit of extra rustic feel without overdoing it. In addition, it has a lot of advantages in comparison to wood, steel or other materials without having any of the drawbacks! Would you like to know what all these advantages are? Then make sure to read on!

More than one reason to choose aluminium

There is more than one reason to opt for internal doors made from aluminium. The first reason is the durability of the material. Aluminium is one of the rare materials that does not rust and overall has a low degree of wear. In the extension thereof, aluminium internal doors do not require a lot of maintenance. In contrast to other popular materials like steel or wood, aluminium does not need to ‘settle’ and keeps its form over the years. Both the hinges and the door frame thus experience less stress, which means that they do not have to be replaced as quickly. The last main advantage of using aluminium for your internal doors is that the material is environmental friendly, as most of the used aluminium is recycled these days.

Contact the interior experts of aluminium

In other words, aluminium is a low-maintenance, eco-friendly material that lasts for many years! It is therefore one of the best choices when you are researching materials for interior doors, window frames, interior walls, door handles and much more. If you want to know all the possibilities about aluminium internal doors, make sure to contact IDA. These experts gladly inform you about the numerous ways aluminium internal doors give a minimalistic look to your interior.