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Consider having a professional carry out a pesticide analysis of fruit

It is not a bad idea to enlist the services of a professional if you want to carry out a pesticide analysis of fruit, vegetables or other foods. This way, you can be sure that the food is in perfect condition and that there are no risks. If the food will be available in supermarkets, it is even necessary. There are very strict rules that keep the use of pesticides under control. Pesticides in too high levels are very harmful for the health of consumers. As a supermarket, you need to avoid at all costs that one of your customers would suffer health problems because of food that does not meet the standards.

It is also recommended to have animal feed analysed

Besides a pesticide analysis of fruit, an analysis of animal feed can also be very interesting. There are many guidelines for that too, and with good reason. Even with too high a pesticide content in animal feed, serious consequences can occur. A specialist you can certainly turn to is Primoris. In their lab, they can work in a very targeted way and give you precise results. They use multi-residue methods for this. A very big advantage is that they also have all the necessary certificates. Legally speaking, your food will be in perfect order if you choose to work with them.

Obtain accurate results

Do not hesitate to work with a professional lab such as Primoris to carry out pesticide analysis of fruit. This way, you will have peace of mind when marketing your fruit and legally, you must also be sure that all values are correct when using pesticides. You can also call in the specialists of Primoris for the analysis of other substances. For example, we are talking about mycotoxins, heavy metals, other food ingredients, virology particles and other contaminants.