Interior design and Office Fit Out

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The days that salary and other perks were the main factors in recruiting and keeping key staff are long gone. Todays young potentials want to feel at home in and office environment and want to associate themselves with the branding of the company and the way the company communicates with the outside world. The interior design of the actual office space is very much part of that, or should be part of that.

What attracts the highly skilled staff to your business and what keeps them with you?

Interior Design

No one interior is the same because every business is different.

Good interior design can only start as understanding is gained of the internal company lines of communication and problem solving channels. How do people work with each other within their teams and across teams? A new office environment should not hinder or block these from continuing. Company image is also extremely important and it is the interior designers job to communicate this to employees, customers and the supply chain. The correct balance between quality and style is different for everyone and you get this right via the information gathering process.

The interior design process conbtains of the folowing stages:

  • brief
  • research
  • development
  • presentation
  • delivery


Office Fit Out

When the interior design teaqm have completed most of the space planning and design work, the quantity surveyer calculates the material so that the construction phase can begin. Looking at the office fit out all aspects are considered, above ceiling, between ceiling and floor and under the floor as well. All of this is vitally important as it ensures that no part of the construction phase can hold up another or undo work done due to inefficiencies in planning. A comprehensive package including air handling, air conditioning, lighting, suspended ceiling and acoustic control is all part of an office fit out project

Office fit out company Scotland

Centrally based in Falkirk Scotland, the Scottish commercial interiors company Amos Beech has done many office fit out projects in Glasgow, One Lochrin Square Edinburgh, Perth, Newcastle and many other places.

Please have a look at the webiste to learn more about thes project and get inspired through the images.