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NBA 2k21: Next-gen Update 3 Part 2

Update #3 is a massive patch for NBA 2K 21 for next-gen consoles. In the first part of our coverage of this update, we reviewed the changes it made to the game in general as well as to the gameplay. In this article, which serves as a follow-up to this first part we will detail the various changes the update made to the game modes.

Let us start with The City, the update has added holidays decorations to the City and improved the performance of the mode. The update has also improved the graphics of The City and made it easier to invite and join friends in the city. The try-on feature now works properly in a standalone store. The Rep multiplier now appears correctly in the postgame recap. The patch has fixed issues with VC balance, garage hoops, timer in the Gatorade Training Facility and made enhancements to Wednesday events.

In Pro-Am/The Rec, new holiday uniforms have been added for Pro-Am games. Rec Center games will have updated uniforms. Private matchmaking for Pro-Am Team games will now function correctly. The update has improved the AI of the players controlled by the CPU and used as fill-ins for Pro-Am Walk-On games. There should no longer be invisible collision under the hoop in Pro-Am games and lastly, the game will no longer hang if you edit your uniform while your teammates are still in the game.

MyCareer also has its changes, there have for example been some improvements to arena personnel positioning and behavior during postgame events. The patch has fixed various issues with the MyPlayer appearance and a hang that occurred in Jump Shot Creator menu. The difficulty will no longer reset after a training session with Chris Bricley. You will now be able to skip the return to the bench animation of your MyPlayer.

Concerning MyNBA, the patch has, among other things added the 2020 NBA Draft rookies to the game. It fixed various hangs that occurred in the game and resolved some stability issues in the game. The patch has changed or improved other elements of MyNBA. In MyWNBA/The W, the patch has fixed some issues with players clothing and with the camera in The W online. Additionally, the league MVP will no longer appear as the rookie of the year after simulating a season.

Lastly, in MyTeam, the patch has added Online VS, the difficulty used in both MyTEAM Limited & Unlimited, to Play With Friends games. It also fixed the camera positioning when you shoot a foul during Triple Threat Challenge games. Finally, it added under-the-hood support items to the game in preparation for the upcoming MyTeam seasons.MTStacks will help you in your quest to build the best team with cheap NBA 2K21 MT coins.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)