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Optimize the right side of your brain!

Optimize the right side of your brain! 

Did you know that the creative part of your brain is completely located in the right side of your brain? And did you know that, when you feel a lack of creativity, there are a lot of solutions in order to improve and develop the creativity? Sometimes your life just gets in a slump and you might be struggling to find creativity in order to take any actions. Whenever you have the feeling that your creativity lacks and thereby the motivation to produce creativity, read through our following tips and tricks. With these tricks you’ll be able to be creative in no time! 


Focus on your daily mood

There are a lot of studies conducted which all result in the same; the peace in your mind and your daily mood comes from the level of creativity you experience. Whenever you are struggling with some things; you might be tired, stressed or just not rested, the level of creativity will reduce. It might help to discharge the cargo and make sure that your head isn’t full of stressed and tired thoughts anymore. A few tips that might develop your creativity regarding becoming more mindful are going for a run, hitting the gym or going for a nice walk. In other words; go take a sporty hour and make some sweat! Sporting will make you get rid of negative thoughts and will thus increase your creativity!  


Helpful boosters to get some creativity

Luckily, the non-sporters among us might find creativity in making use of different kinds of equipment! For example, studies found that when being exposed to the same scent every day and every night, the right side of your brain will start developing, your creativity thus! Next to that, it might also help to make use of some relaxation pills or maybe even psychedelic mushrooms! This might be scary at first, but when you start using it you’ll find yourself in a creative world. Those pills or mushrooms can be purchased via 24High; all the products in this shop are tested on forehand! 


Get in action

Probably you’ve never heard of it before, or you didn’t even think about it, but according to several studies it is possible to come into action and train the right side of your brain! There are several ways to train and develop, but the most heard of is the following: go and turn your electric devices off. Get a pen and an empty piece of paper. Imagine the most boring object that you are able to think of and write everything down that you could do with this object. Regarding the studies, you will train your brain to come up with creative solutions and this will proceed in the future.