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Secret Santa Shopping Ideas

With the countdown for Christmas getting smaller, this is around the time that everyone should now have picked their Secret Santa’s name out of the hat. It’s a fun, team building exercise which allows you to buy a present for someone you may or may not know.

If you know them, it’s fantastic as you will already know what they would like and shopping for them will be a breeze. If you don’t know this person too well, take the opportunity to get to know them and do a little digging before you head out to the shops.

Which ever person you end up with, you will have a spend limit around £5-£10, which isn’t a great deal but just enough to get them something they love. We thought it would be great to share some of our Secret Santa ideas with you and hopefully get you thinking about your present options.


Who doesn’t love a mug or festive cup? If your person loves a good cup of tea or coffee, this is a gift that can’t go wrong. When November hits, you’ll be surrounded with Christmas mugs and not just your plan standard ones – go for the festive one!

You can even take it one step further and add a hot chocolate sachet and some delicious marshmallows.


With the weather getting bitter and cold, socks are a wardrobe essential for most. Again, at this time of year you have access to fun and festive prints and pictures to make it a present that is thoroughly enjoyed.


Even when there’s boxes of chocolates flying around the office, a box of chocolates will always be well received. If you have a £10 budget, why not push the boat out with a real fancy box and make your Secret Santa feel extra special.


Handing over a giftcard is a great way to give a present but gives them the choice of what to spend it on. Which ever way you look at it, it’s a real winner. You’ve given a great present and they can spend it however they wish.


Maybe the person you’re buying for loves a good bottle of wine or beer of an evening. Use this bit of information to find the perfect spirit or bottle of alcohol for them over the Christmas Holidays. If you’re giving it to them at work – make sure they’re not tempted to open it before the end of day.

Some fantastic options here to choose from, all of which are suitable for smaller budgets too! Get shopping, find the perfect present and have a great Christmas.