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Specialist in powder and particle technology

The development of industrial products often involves powders and other solids. Research is needed into the properties of particles and powders in order to be able to use them properly. This is what we do at Solids Solutions in Delft. We have been conducting research into chemical compositions and material properties for 40 years. With the aim of optimising the performance of products. We are therefore happy to help you when you get stuck in the development of a specific product.

Powder segregation

For the production of, among other things, medicines, building materials and chemical products, different components are often mixed with each other. Problems may arise in this process if the components do not mix well with each other. This is also called powder segregation and is caused by certain properties of the loose particles. Solids Solutions carries out research into these properties so that segregation can be prevented.

Calculating surface area with BET analysis

Solids often have a certain degree of permeability. This can be calculated by performing a BET analysis. This provides information about the pore volume and pore size distribution of the material. The BET surface can also be determined. A BET analysis is carried out by means of gas adsorption. In most cases nitrogen is used, but also gases such as argon and carbon dioxide. This depends on the substance being analysed and the information to be obtained.

Solids Solutions seminars

Another thing we do at Solids Solutions is share our knowledge and findings. We do this by giving seminars and presentations on various topics in the field of powder and particle technology. Are you interested in attending a seminar? Take a look at the agenda on our website. More information about seminars? Interested in differential centrifugal sedimentation nanoparticles or dynamic light scattering nanoparticles? Please contact us.