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What about baltic amber?

Baltic amber is a mysterious fossilized tree resin and it comes in all shapes and colours like yellow, orange, dark brown and an even more rare variant: Green amber but the most common colour will be the orange-yellow variant. Besides the beautiful deep colours, Baltic amber also has unique healing abilities. Baltic amber contains an acid which has a healing effect. By wearing Baltic amber jewelry you can reduce pain because the acids can be absorbed through your skin which will help with pain relief. Baltic amber isn’t a new trend. The amber has been used for thousands of years by different people. Not only back then they knew the healing ability from amber but also today this is confirmed. Scientific literature shows that acid named succinic in Baltic amber has the healing ability. The acid improves the immunity and the balance of the acids which are absorbed into the bloodstream. And now I hear you thinking like: why should I wear all the time a piece of amber in my hand? No, you don’t have to. You could wear beautiful Baltic amber jewelry and have the Baltic amber effect around your wrist. The jewelry will make you look feminine and the Baltic amber will give you healing abilities. A win-win situation.

If you want to buy real amber you have to be aware that there are a lot of fake amber pieces on the market. You have the know the difference between real and fake. Most of the fakes are recognizable by the huge inclusions like bugs or flies and they are sold for a very low price. Real amber is never cheap and is mainly sold in smaller pieces. So if a seller offers you a big piece of amber with a special inclusion in for a low price, it’s almost guaranteed that the amber is fake. So please don’t fall for this and order the amber at a real amber specialist.