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What is the most famous shop in Italy?

Shopping in Italy as well as in any other country should be quite fun when we’re prepared to get what we want, getting rid of all obstacles on our part. Shopping cannot be fun if we do not know the right place where we can buy our products from. If we buy our products from the best shop, then there is a guarantee that we will get the best product. Let’s try and look through some of the most famous shops in Italy.


Amazon.it was founded in 1994 and started as an online bookstore that later included electronics, apparel, food, furniture and more. They sell clothes, sweaters, home and essential fashion for the family. Customers can return any of the items sold on Amazon. The company maintains to be one of the best shopping sites in Italy that offer users the platform where they can register and sell their products. To start selling on the site, Amazon explains that we can make use of our customer’s account or create a new Amazon seller account. Products that can be sold on Amazon depend on the product, category, and brand, and some categories are open to all sales partners, others require a professional seller account.


Cannnlzedonia is an Italian fashion brand in Italy. It was established by Sandro Ilaronesi in 1986. It has more than 1500 shops as of 2018 and it maintains that it is one of the leading fashion and clothing retailers in Italy. It belongs to Calzedonia Group which also owns a few other brands such as Tezenis, Intimissimi, Falconeri, Signor Vino labels, and Atelier Emé. The Calzedonia brand sells a wide range of products such as leggings, tights, suits, dresses, tops, and much more. The company also offers men’s, ladies, children’s, beachwear, and sock. The Calzedonia Group affirm that their corporate values include open mind, passion, teamwork, pragmatism, and goal orientation.


Esselunga is one of the most famous online stores in Italy where we can shop for our groceries and food products. It boasts that it is a leading chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets in Italy. Esselunga was founded in 1957, and it professes that it was the first to introduce online shopping for food products and groceries in Italy, as well as self-produced organic products. Esselubga operates about 160 stores in Central and Northern Italy and it is now controlled by supermarkets Italiani.


Media World is an Italian brand of MediaMarket, a German multinational chain of stores that specialises in the retail of consumer electronics. It was founded in 1979, and since then, it has expanded to other countries of Europe, Italy inclusive. Media World is owned by the German MediaMarket Saturn Retail Group, and it offers products such as cameras, computers, mobile phones, headphones, just to mention a few.


Gorgio Armani S.P.A is an Italian brand commonly known as Armani. It is an Italian luxury fashion house established by Gorgio Armani. The brand manufactures, designs, retails and distributes haute couture, leather goods, shoes, ready-to-wear, jewellery, eyewear, cosmetics, accessories, and home interiors. Armani is headquartered in Milan, Italy.


One of the shops that are amongst the famous that we can shop from in Italy is Unieuro. It is a brand that specialises in consumer electronics and household appliances. Unieuro’s origin is traced to 1937, and it now operates more than 460 stores across Italy while claiming to be the market leader in Italy. The company has also developed its online store and it offers products such as mobile phones, laptops, Bluetooth, Earpods, Google Chromecast, and more.